UltimateEEG Electrode

Are you interested in improving short-term or ultra long-term EEG monitoring? SOENIA® UltimateEEG Electrodes are customizable to suit your criteria. Currently we are developing electrodes for subdermal EEG measurements. We can also offer customizable surface electrodes. Contact us for more information.

SOENIA® UltimateEEG Electrode

The best way to monitor EEG

The SOENIA® UltimateEEG Electrode is novel, flexible and customizable electrode. We are currently testing our subdermal electrode in clinical trials, but we are already offering it for R&D purposes for surface measurements. Contact us for more detailed information.

Tested technology

We have been comparing our electrode to hospital gold standard surface electrodes, and the SOENIA® UltimateEEG Electrode has performed equally well while fitting 8 channels to the surface area of one standard Ag-AgCl electrode.

Fast customization

We can offer you customized electrodes for your R&D purposes in a fast turn over rate. Contact us, and we will discuss what would best suit your needs.

Novel technology

We developed our electrode technology in Tampere University of Technology, Finland. The SOENIA® UltimateEEG Electrode is patent pending.

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